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Business Foresight Strategy Advisory

Business Foresight – Strategic Advisory and Blue Ocean Product Strategies  for Product and Service Innovation

Considering finite potential of existing markets and saturation on many markets as well as  new supporting technologies and digital transformation it is obvious, that internationalization is a promising step toward company’s’ successful expansion and consequently performance.

In a time of market disruption, volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity (VUCA) it is helpful to exercise business foresight by using nowcasts, leverage point analysis, Porters five forces, understand business strenghts and weaknesses  and interpret and transform context factor analysis into strategic business advantages. Resource based and instituion based considerations have their influence on decision making.

Often one of the outcomes of this analysis leads to the introduction of new products and services either on existing or on new markets.

Opportunity recognition, seizing the opportunities an managing the risks and impacts is key to all strategic endevours in particular when creating a blue ocean product. In recent times inclusion of stakeholders in the co-creation process and an ecosystem set up have paved the way to ground-breaking product and service innovations.

Sustainable Finance combines the art of leverage point analysis, network analysis, quantitative business modelling,  while also integrating the human factor through the mediation based design thinking and ideation process. We are also taking into account diversity (including diversity gap analysis and remedy) and the Uppsala internationalization model defining the terms of change and stage aspects.

With our theory of change approach (Karen Wendt https://www.springer.com/de/book/9783030522742) we are best suited to help you ind creating blue ocean strategies in coordination with our scientific advisory board and compiling foresight analysis for you.

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