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The topics Karen speaks about.
Change Leadership: How to get the most out of it
Content: while change must be well managed, it also requires effective leadership to be successfully introduced and sustained. An integrative model of leadership for change is proposed, reflecting its dimensions and requirements.

From the Margins to the Mainstream: Sustainable Finance, Impact Investing, ESG Investing and Green Bonds
While some years ago investors were mainly looking into risk adjusted returns, Sustainability has found its way into mainstream investing in a number of ways: From smart beta strategies to norms based screening, environmental and social governance inclusion or carbon at risk calculations. This key note will guide you through the benefits and trade offs of each strategy.

Change Management: Create urgency and get the the teams aligned. How a good change management process looks like. Lessons from C-Suite:

Business Foresight and Digital Transformation:
Content: Inspire your vision and strategy on digital transformation. Based on a range of future scenarios and trends in digitalization I am going to define how to transform the scenarios into an attractive vision and strategy.
Using Leverage Point Analysis for implementing Sustainability.
Content; From Risk Management to Opportunity Recognition and Strategy Execution: How leverage point analysis is combined with a long-term vision and translated into actionable business solutions helping companies become sustainable, abide to international frameworks, global administrative law and mitigate risk transforming them into business opportunities early on.

Impacts of the EU Action Plan for Business Owners and Asset Managers
Content: Introduction to the EU Action Plan. Defining the Decision Agenda, find the easy wins and define the most important leverage points. combining effective leadership and change management.

Change Leadership and Sustainability in the Board Room
Content: Framework clarifying where the organization wants to be in the future and determining areas where the organization is working forward and where it is avoiding transformation

Open Banking and Open Finance: Make it work for your advantage
Content: Digital banks and FinTechs use open API to help customers to find customer centric services. This brings a wave of innovation to the marked. Also guidelines, governance and compliance requirements are growing. The presentation shows you how to navigate the business, market and policy disruption and create and craft your open banking and open finance strategy

Take Aways: Opportunity Recognition, Recognizing Leverage Points for Change, Risk and Impact Recognition Analysis and Management

Why I am qualified:
I have led and implemented change management in two Top Tier Financial Institutions in leading roles with committee oversight
I am a competent leader in the field of banking, sustainability, innovation, digital transformation and change management which is reflected through my book and video series with Springer Palgrave Macmillan and Taylor and Francis. It is also reflected in my CNN Money and SRF interviews and speeches. I am regular key note speaker with prestigious organizations

Karen Wendt Editor for Sustainable Finance