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Policy and Process Implementation

Policy and Process Implementation

Sustainability requires a sustainability strategy, but likewise policies and ISO based management systems to make it a living and permanent improvement process.  The policy development is a consequence of context factor analysis and risk assessment .

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR ) criteria used spring from what has developed into “Global Administrative soft Law” over the last decade. Who final

The Plan Do Check Act approach of the ISO Standards and the Three Lines of Defence approach are extremely important pillars of policy implementation concept. Strategies need to be translated into action. requiring a process model as well as management systems and policies guiding the efforts.

We help you to clarify these questions with our 7 step policy implementation model.

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 Step 1: Define involved groups

Policies address all groups involved within an organization. o Here one examples for guiding questions regarding policies:



Step 2: A fit-for-purpose and balanced approach

A fit for purpose approach needs to be sought at the outset. A structured approach to defining new “ESG management system” is to follow the broad steps of the “Integral Model,

Core elements are shown in the following diagramm:



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Green, social and governance policies and standards circumscribe projects and activities and meanwhile contribute to the formation of a range of widely accepted standards of good governance that are increasingly understood as formal legal or quasi-legal requirements. Such policies and standards promote a number of core ‘good governance’ values, including transparency of decision-making, broad public participation in decision-making and policy formulation, delivery of reasoned decisions, reviewability of decisions, accountability of decision-makers and respect for proportionality in decision-making. The trend towards the adoption and implementation of ESG policies and standards can therefore be explained in terms of global administrative law, with a gradual move towards the development of global standards of good governance practice