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Open Finance

Open banking is a new digital banking business model. Over 10,000 banks in more than 50 countries are influenced by Open Banking APIs. In addition to the EU, there are six other pioneers and twelve promoters in open banking. Open banking is based on business ecosystems providing the client with a superior value proposition.

Business Ecosystems Creation

The expansion stages of Open Banking are banking-as-a-service, strategic use of FinTech innovations and ecosystems. The flexible implementation of open banking ecosystems are the ultimate catalyst for expansion of open banking with the greatest benefit for everyone involved.

Sustainable Finance

‘Open Finance’ extends the concept of Open Banking data-sharing principles to enable third party providers or prosumers to access customers’ data across a broader range of financial sectors and products, including savings and investments, whereas the orchestrator may be the FinTech or the bank.

Open Finance

Open banking is already a reality due to the EU PSD2 (Second Payment Service Directive).regulation. I

If the existing Open Banking ecosystem is extended by changes in the regulatory environment to encompass additional products, in effect creating an Open Finance ecosystem that is primarily focused on sharing data, what will this mean for your business model? Surely it will provide benefits for personal finance management, getting a holistic personal balance sheet.

We have developed five strategies for banks and wealth management firms to grasp the opportunities of open finance. They are clearly beneficial for investors and technically feasible.
We offer to help you develop your

  • entry level savings and investments
  • creation of alternative asset marketplaces
  • digitally supported financial advice

We support you in crafting your strategies, finding the right partners to create your ecosystem and your customer journey.
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