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Mediation Reinvented

Mediation Reinvented©

Mediation Reinvented is a product of Sustainable Finance Book Series

A chance to quit problem knowledge , focus on target knowledge and develop transformation knowledge The link to alternative approaches Methods and tools to change economy and business and align with the Sustainable Development Goals ?

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Karen Wendt (Sustainable Finance.io) and Dr. Reiner Ponschab et al. et.al.
Mediation is not the end, but the beginning for the application of more alike conflict-solving tools, which is important in finance, in particular in conflict laden industries, for de-risking assets, negotiating Equator Principles Action Plans, sustainable sourcing codes using a co creation approach between financier and client. It is instrumental in Public Private Partnerships, large infrastructure projects as deal mediation prevents conflicts even before they gain weight, before a finance contract, a term sheet, a letter of intent or a loan documentation have been concluded. From conflict prevention to solution creation is a small stretch: prototyping strategies, developing theories of change for the Board, or compliance and product development departments creates new breakthroughs through mediation.

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