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A new vision of money?

We are living in times of change and the winds of change are clearly blowing. And we have to decide, do we want to build walls or windmills? Karen Wendt on digitization, digital assets, blockchain and tokenization. Volatility, uncertainty, complexity and ambiguity appear to be the new normal in our lives. The American military calls […]

Is there a world of thought based on antifragility?

Is there a world of thought based on antifragility?

Antrifragility is more than just resilience the ability to recover from mistakes. It anticipates possible undesirable developments and creates business models that are crisis-proof and lucrative. This article below is written by Karen Wendt and discusses the lack of a female representation in technology, blockchain and finance. Jacky Lam wrote for Forbes in 2019: “Crypto […]

New Rules of the Game for Capital

In a digital world, the key to survival is not profitability but market power. Alternative Investments Performance Measurement & Evaluation The luster of the public markets has waned over the last 20 years to the benefit of private capital. Fewer companies are listed on US stock exchanges today than at the turn of the millennium. […]

Reform of the EU Non-Financial Reporting Directive

The EU Commission has initiated the process to reform the Non-Financial Reporting Directive and announced plans to create EU standards for corporate sustainability reporting. For this purpose, a public consultation has been opened by regulators to gather input from all stakeholders which ended on June 11 2020. The European Securities and Markets Authority (ESMA) also […]

Sustainability in a Smart Beta World

Authored by Karen Wendt Sustainable Finance Investors are reviewing their asset allocations and mandates over the coming months as a consequence of market adaptation caused by the Red Swan called COVID-19.  We expect investors to embrace invention, in the form of climate and sustainability-tilted smart beta strategies, referred to as Smart Sustainability. In this vein […]