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Alternative Conflict Resolution

Conflict Resolution:

Creating a conflict resolution mechanism that is globally applicable, fair and accessible allowing for conflict resolution along the lifecycle of a project, a foreign direct investment or a public private partnership scheme is highly desirable as it creates a palatable solutions to conflicts that stop foreign direct investments nowadays and also creates considerable stranded costs alongside hardship and social costs for the communities and affected population in locations in which sensitive investments take place.

Can companies be be kept away from court cases by installing workable conflict resolution mechanisms which are pratical and pragmatic? Our answer is yes.

Alternative Conflict Resolution has pratical benefits for either arty. Form desiging the process over choosing the participation levels, timing creating tools for conflict avoidance, de-risking assets by their application,  avoiding reputational risks and real costs and creating better relationships with stakeholders and partners..

We are and dispose of certified international business mediators.

Conflict Prevention:

We help you to  set up your conflict resolution meachnism taior made to your business.

Conflict Resolution

We support you in resolving actual conflicts

We use the London 2012 Olympic Games Complaint and Dispute Resolution Mechanism (CDRM) as a blueprint for our own CDRM,  which we see as a workable private sector conflict resolution scheme, stretching from conflict management to conflict resolution

We wrote about that also in the prestigious Brills publication.

Details of our edited collection on Independent Accountability Mechanisms and alternative conflict resolution schemes including mediation  have just appeared on the Brill website. Please check out the following link:


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